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Vishay Leverages WISE-iEMS for Energy Management Solutions across Asia-Pacific

By consolidating equipment monitoring, energy management, and maintenance into a single platform, and integrating energy-related data from different facilities, Vishay is pursuing peak energy efficiency through centralized management to fast-track their carbon emission reduction goals.

Prevent Downtime for Rotating Machine in The Petrochemical Industry

In the petrochemical industry, continuous production limits maintenance options. Implementing a PHM-embedded predictive system reduces downtime, streamlines maintenance, and ensures accurate machine health monitoring across varied equipment, enhancing production quality and efficiency.

NOKE Enhances Comprehensive Mall Management with Smart Retail Solutions

The NOKE shopping mall in Taiwan, enhanced by Advantech's smart retail solutions, showcases a transformative approach to retail management. By integrating advanced outdoor and indoor digital signage for dynamic content delivery, and employing people counting and occupancy analysis technologies, the mall achieves efficient customer flow management and heightened security.

CHC Healthcare
CHC Healthcare Group Accelerates HOR Development in Taiwan with Medical- Grade Solutions

Advantech's collaboration with CHC Healthcare Group led to the advancement of Taiwan's Hybrid Operating Rooms, leveraging medical-grade technologies like AVAS and PAX displays to improve surgical accuracy and safety. This innovative integration demonstrates how cutting-edge technology can transform medical facilities, boosting efficiency and treatment success rates.

DeviceOn Enhances SMRT's Operations with Remote Management and Swift Recovery

Advantech's integration with SMRT Singapore revolutionized public transport operations using industrial PCs and DeviceOn software, enhancing remote management and recovery. This upgrade significantly improved operational continuity and efficiency, showcasing the impact of cloud-based solutions in public transport systems.

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