IoTSuite/ DataInsight


WISE-IoTSuite/ DataInsight serves as a big data analysis and business intelligence platform that connects discrete data sources in business systems, catalogs, queries, correlates and processes data in a unified manner, and provides unified data access interfaces and visual analytical reports for front-end applications. Under the dual drive of technology and services, it helps enterprises achieve data-driven decision-making and improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.


  • 01

    Support diverse system access

    SQL database library, NoSQL database, temporal database, CSV, JSON and other file formats, Rest API, WebService, etc. can all be easily integrated into DataInsight through three steps to achieve unified data management.

  • 02

    Efficient data development

    Providing a unified SQL specification, heterogeneous data sources can be directly associated for calculation, shielding the differences between different data sources. The Spark big data calculation engine is used, with built-in 300+functions and support for Python custom functions, improving the efficiency of data development and calculation.

  • 03

    Unified task management

    Unified management of computing tasks, monitoring of task operation status, timely warning and notification of faults, and more efficient operation and maintenance.

  • 04

    Multi level data classification management

    Supporting multi-level data asset catalogs, data can be classified by application or theme, such as production theme, material theme, equipment theme, personnel theme, etc., just like books in libraries, for easy search and application.

  • 05

    Flexible permission control strategy

    Through user role management, different roles have different operation permissions, and can also be customized according to needs. Resource allocation enables different users to view different data, and team management enables quick allocation of the same resource permissions to a group of people.

  • 06

    Multiple data access methods

    We provide integration with third-party systems through JDBC/ODBC and APIs, as well as deep integration with our cloud platform's visualization services such as Dashboard and SaaSCComposer. We can directly visualize and analyze data, and can also collaborate with third-party BI tools such as PowerBI and Tableau.


  • Product Feature List

    Fast data integration and analysis

  • Application Scenario

    Application Scenario

  • Application Benefit

    Application Benefit

  • UseCase1

    Solution for Intelligent Factory Data Integration and Analysis

  • UseCase2

    An Integration of Multi-source Data to help the Attendance Data Analysis of IT Department


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1.0.9 Version Release.
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