Intelligent Energy Management Solution

Intelligent Energy Management Solution

Empowering Enterprises for a Greener Future, Achieving ESG/Carbon Neutrality/Net Zero/Decarbonization/CBAM Goals

Greenhouse gas emissions have led to severe climate change and increased natural disasters, endangering human lives, property, and the planet's sustainability. In 2022, there were 2,396 global fatalities, over 7.15 million displaced people, and losses exceeding $1.68 trillion USD. To address these climate threats, governments and international businesses are urging industries and supply chains to adopt ESG, achieve net-zero emissions, and carbon neutrality.

Advantech's WISE-iEMS technology offers a comprehensive smart energy solution for corporate carbon asset management (ISO 14064/ISO 14067), energy management (ISO 50001), HVAC and compressed air efficiency, and motor efficiency. It is the ideal partner for global enterprises on their journey to carbon neutrality, providing solutions for carbon and energy management in their pursuit of sustainability.


WISE-iEMS ECOWatch has been certified by TÜV Rheinland to meet the ISO50001 standard

WISE-iEMS ECOWatch has been certified by TÜV Rheinland to meet the ISO50001 standard. This certification demonstrates the strength and capability of iEMS/ECOWatch, which is comparable to the world's leading energy management products. It also highlights Advantech's commitment to innovation and product stability.


The 3 most common dilemmas faced by the energy management market

  • 01

    Management fails to pay attention to energy management

  • 02

    Lack of familiarity with international regulations by factory managers

  • 03

    Difficulties when digitally transforming old equipment



  • 01

    One-Stop Smart Energy Management Anchored on Low Carbon

    iEMS offers an end-to-cloud holistic framework, emphasizing carbon emission control, enterprise energy oversight, and key equipment energy optimization. Our embedded algorithms and diagnostic methodologies spearhead a low-carbon, intelligent enterprise transition. Through data visualization, businesses can swiftly gauge organizational carbon footprints, energy hotspots, and take informed, real-time energy-saving measures. The ultimate aim: meeting corporate ESG, net-zero, and carbon neutrality objectives.

  • 02

    ISO-Compliant Energy & Carbon Stewardship

    Aligning with standards like ISO50001, ISO14064, and ISO14067, our system prioritizes precise data acquisition, smart intervention, and comprehensive analytics. This enables sustainable energy and carbon management, augments energy efficiency, meets global certification demands, and champions ecological sustainability.

  • 03

    Streamlined, User-Centric Solutions

    Our platform boasts a web-based, drag-and-drop interface, supplemented with adaptable templates. This ensures not only easy replication but also facilitates seamless user adoption and engagement.

  • 04

    Real-Time Energy & Carbon Metrics Visualization

    Harnessing cloud-based intelligence, our visual dashboards equip businesses with instant insights into energy and carbon metrics. This allows executives to craft timely, initiative-aligned decisions that foster operational cost efficiency.


  • Energy Management

    Energy Management

    • It primarily monitors, compares, and manages both the demand and apportionment of water, electricity, and gas. Indeed, it helps enterprises complete their digital transformation — resulting in energy conservation and emission reduction.
  • HVAC Energy Efficiency Management

    HVAC Energy Efficiency Management

    • Leveraging whole process intelligent management and control saves energy and reduces consumption.
  • Air compressor energy efficiency management

    Air compressor energy efficiency management

    • The combination of compressed air system processing, energy-saving control, and predictive maintenance is achievable; and could improve system management efficiency.
  • Carbon Emission Management

    Carbon Emission Management

    • Review enterprise carbon emissions and product carbon footprint with digital carbon inventory system and energy efficiency improving strategies. To help enterprise manage their carbon assets in compliance with ISO 14064/ ISO 14067 and thus achieve carbon neutrality target.
  • Rolling Pumps Efficiency Management

    Rolling Pumps Efficiency Management

    • Detect the abnormality or decline of motor equipment, grasp the status of equipment, improve the management and maintenance efficiency of rotating mechanical motor equipment, increase the service life of equipment and reduce life cycle operating costs.
  • Public Facility Equipment Management
    iMachine/ MachineUnite

    Public Facility Equipment Management

    • Connecting all the public facility equipment: chiller, compressor, boiler, heat pump, generator, VSD panels, power panels, renewable energy, energy storage, AHU…etc. into one platform to manage whole lifecycle and automate the repair/maintenance assignment automation to increase the availability and reduce downtime and risk.

Joining Hands with Internationally Renowned Partners to Co-Create ESG Sustainable Solutions

Catering to the global ESG trend, Advantech adheres to the mission of"Enabling an Intelligent and Sustainable Planet"and integrates ESG carbon inventory/planning consulting service companies, energy service company(ESCO), renewable energy company, carbon credit suppliers, certification company, certification service agencies, and other carbon reduction-related businesses to build Advantech's sustainable ecosystem.

Joining Hands with Internationally Renowned Partners to Co-Create ESG Sustainable Solutions

WISE-iEMS Ecosystem Partners

iEMS has collaborated with ESG carbon inventory/planning consulting firms, energy service companies (ESCOs), system integrators, renewable energy companies, green energy/carbon credit suppliers, certification agencies, and other carbon reduction-related entities to build the Advantech Sustainable Ecosystem.

WISE-iEMS Ecosystem Partners