Advantech iFactory Facility Management & Sustainability (FMS) I.App uses IOT technology to visualize the energy consumption data of high-energy-consuming machines and facilities on a dashboard and collects key indicators and reports to help managers discover abnormal energy consumption to make room for improvements. It continuously optimizes energy consumption, achieves optimal energy usage efficiency, and enables the factory manager / facility manager/ building manager to get a deeper understanding of power consumption, as well as provide factory managers and senior executives with an operations overview to quickly understand equipment and production status. In this way, it's possible to give early warnings and take proactive action.


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    Monitor short-term changes

    They also compare energy consumption data over the same period for the past three years to monitor short-term changes.

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    Dashboards present energy consumption information

    Dashboards present energy consumption information of the whole plant well as the cumulative usage values for any particular month.


  • Energy Overview

    The energy consumption is compared with the energy consumption baseline to check abnormality

  • Trend of Peak & off-Peak

    Statistics of total electricity consumption based on peak, half-peak and off-peak periods of backgro

  • Year on Year/ Month over Month

    The comparison of the energy consumption of this sector in the current period and the previous perio

  • Environment Monitoring

    Displays the temperature, humidity and CO2 emissions of each area

  • Energy Demand Management

    Comparison of usage status of energy demand and contracted capacity

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