Advantech (iFactory) Maintenance Application provides an easy-to-use tool to speed up the visualization of all machine status and health conditions, which reduces unplanned downtime and equipment failures. Defined maintenance actions and preventive maintenance notifications can improve the operating efficiency of the factory, return on investment, and reduce maintenance costs. Machine maintenance and repair scheduling can be automated. Work can be dispatched to key technicians and supervisors for repair result approvals. Besides regular maintenance, Maintenance i.APP also provides daily checking functions and annual maintenance planning to easily track assets and parts associated with machines and equipment.


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    Create smart working process for Engineers.

    Use digital technology to enhance engineers cohesion and efficiency.

    Provide mobile app allows employees to give immediate feedback and receive updates.

    Improve efficiency and reduce uncertainty and emergencies through Calendar and maintenance.

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    Easy to use and configurable.

    Built-in predictive failure models, Drag and drop no coding required.

    Alarm notification to the mobile devices for engineer maintenance scheduling.

    Regular maintenance work is possible to reduce unplanned downtime and repair time.

  • 03

    Reduce downtime and improve return on investment.

    Early detection of malfunction Symptoms

    Work with PHM with Machine learning to improve diagnostic accuracy


  • Maintenance Scenario

    Introduce how to implement maintenance in your field

  • Maintenance Functions

    List all the function what maintenance can do

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    Site Overview Dashboard

Product Update

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Added support for RTM 3.0.0. Added support for default dashboard. Added user role "Viewer". the role permission can only view data, but cannot make new changes. Added support for access log. Added support for redis notification of machine parameter changes.
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English (US), 繁體中文, 简体中文, 한국어

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