Advantech’s MachineUnite solution can access and manage industrial machines (tool/injection molding/textile machines and vulcanizers), general-purpose machines (air compressors, pumps, and boilers), and equipment used in production line CNC/PLC. MachineUnite is also applicable to large-scale equipment — including ships, mining machinery, and refrigeration equipment.


  • 01

    Comprehensive monitoring

    Provides real-time machine status monitoring. Monitors the latest machine status and key values as well as utilization rates to identify abnormalities.

  • 02

    Operation and maintenance

    This supports maintenance cycle settings that send reminders for regular maintenance and analyze the results. Users can choose to manually or automatically create tickets and keep records. It also sends automatic report reminders through the app and provides a manual for reference.

  • 03

    Remote maintenance

    This feature enables machine manufacturers to analyze machine after-sale operation status and deliver remote services to customers. Analogously, remote update, adjustment, and value reverse setting functions can reduce communication costs.

  • 04

    Data analysis

    Provide a variety of formats to query and generate online reports using machine data. This solution produces a diverse variety of reports related to machine status, maintenance warnings, spare parts management, and equipment performance.

  • 05

    Fault diagnosis

    Conduct correlation analysis of machine failure causes and integrate relevant information from past failure records and historical data for analysis and recommendations.

  • 06

    Anomaly warnings

    Advantech’s WISE-AIFS technology, AIFS/PHM provides predictive diagnosis, preventive maintenance, and energy-saving models that improve machine performance via health analysis and failure warnings.


  • Situation room

    Check equipment statuses within a designated area and master factory operation.

  • Device overview

    Check the machines' status, view maintenance reports, and receive alarm notifications.

  • Device status monitoring

    Survey comprehensive machine information to set the parameters/abnormality range.

  • Real-time alarm

    Immediate device alert notification and handling.

  • History alarm

    Master monthly alarm statistics and monitor processed work order fault information.

  • Ticket management

    Analyze faulty machines and causes of failure. Monitor maintenance/work-order progress.

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