iVideOR Management and Editor

iVideOR Management and Editor

iVideOR Solutions for video integration in the operating room

iVideOR is an OR integration solution which redefines the OR experience from pre-op to post-op. The seamless and intuitive interface integrated with the Video-over-IP technique allows users to route any image source to any destination instantly without re-attachment of equipment or interruption of surgery.



  • Increased focus on patients

    Increased focus on patients

  • Supports a safe hygienic, and streamlined OR

    Supports a safe hygienic, and streamlined OR

  • Customizable layouts

    Customizable layouts

  • Increase OR uptime

    Increase OR uptime


Discover the versatile applications of iVideOR Solutions

Discover the versatile applications of iVideOR Solutions


  • 1. Simplified Workflow for OR Efficiency

    Preoperative and postoperative activities are streamlined by reducing data entry, simplifying the system setup, managing surgeon preferences, and managing the seamless capture of images and videos with direct export to any location, including USB storage, PACS, and NAS.

  • 2. DICOM-Supported & Easily Accessible Data

    • Screenshots can be taken any time during and post-operation, then archived in PACS (DICOM 3.0) with one-click upload.
    • Clinical image data can be easily accessed from a computer on the network – bringing huge time-saving benefits to staff.
  • 3. Communication and Sharing of Insights

    Live video streaming enables real-time communication with specialists or colleagues, and is beneficial for education and the sharing of insights through software-based audio/video conferencing.

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iVideOR Solutions cater to diverse applications

iVideOR.Lite Solutions

iVideOR Lite is an all-in-one OR video recording solution designed to simplify surgery documentation and video recording workflows. With its guided and intuitive design, users can seamlessly incorporate iVideOR Lite into their operation practice, allowing them to stay focused on the procedure at hand.

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