Advantech iEMS/ECOWatch is a domain-focused product based on Advantech WISE-IoT industrial cloud platform and the WISE-InsightAPM( asset performance management). ECOWatch monitors and manages public resources such as water, electricity, gas, and heat in buildings. It works closely with building power supply and distribution systems, water supply infrastructures, and air conditioning systems. Additionally, this solution coordinates management between equipment, people, and energy. It features common function modules, which enable energy monitoring, real-time alarms, sub-metering, energy consumption analysis, energy consumption statistics, energy consumption ranking, and energy reporting.


  • 01

    Comprehensive quantitative management

    Understand energy flow and consumption to ensure the implementation of optimization programs

  • 02

    Energy warning/alarm

    This I.App supports alarms for anomalies based on statistical analysis with in-time notifications

  • 03

    Energy anomaly diagnosis

    Data-based analysis and prediction, indicates directions for improvement

  • 04

    Master energy consumption KPIs

    Reduce management loopholes while avoi

  • 05

    Flexible add-on for public audience

    Understand energy concepts and corporate performance quickly.


  • Energy Analysis

    Display energy consumption in each area, classified and sub-item information

  • Demand Analysis

    Display the demand and peak demand every 15 minutes of the regional electricity consumption period

  • Item Summary

    Overall display of electricity, water, gas and other energy consumption information of enterprise

  • Energy Overview

    Statistical analysis of various energy sources according to unified standards

  • Corporate energy saving performance

    Communicate environmental responsibility: information on the group’s energy-saving and carbon-reduction achievement

  • Field EnPI

    Implanting energy management concepts: managing energy targets and hotspots of the sites

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