iWard Solutions


Intelligent Ward Solutions Optimize Patient Care and Nursing Efficiency

iWard solutions provide comprehensive support to hospitals, optimizing work efficiency and delivering superior care quality through the integration of Nursing Dashboards with a user-friendly design. The Patient system enhances patient service and satisfaction by offering a wide range of services and information. Additionally, the medication solution ensures patient safety by achieving Closed-Loop Medication Administration (CLMA) protocols. With iWard solutions, hospitals can streamline operations, improve patient experiences, and prioritize patient safety.

iWard solutions not only address current needs but also anticipate and prepare healthcare organizations for the evolving demands and opportunities of the future.



  • Maximizes Work Efficiency

    Maximizes Work Efficiency

  • Enhances Quality of Patient Care

    Enhances Quality of Patient Care

  • Improves Patient Safety

    Improves Patient Safety

  • Develops Opportunities for the Future

    Develops Opportunities for the Future


iWard Solutions Focus on Specialty Care

General Ward

The integrated information platform streamlines workloads and optimizes care delivery. It’s an interactive patient information solution that increases patient satisfaction.


HIPAA and GDPR Compliance

Advantech's iWard solutions comply with HIPAA regulations in the United States and GDPR in Europe. The solutions provide a secure environment for healthcare organizations to manage and protect patient data effectively.

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