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WISE-IoTSuite/ Dashboard is a low-code visualization tool that can access Internet of Things data and commonly used database data. It can quickly produce various commonly used and proprietary reports in the industrial Internet of Things, and provide field map drawing. Through IoTSuite/ Dashboard Application Construction Framework can quickly build applications without development. • Provides a variety of stylish templates and industry-specific plugins for creating a wide-range of dashboards. • Delivers statistical analysis and calculation function. • Supports over 50 data sources. • Provides SRP-Frame application construction framework. • Supports alarms/notification functionst. • Provides a Mobile Apps. • Support report export. • Multi-language internationalization suppor.


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    Low-code application construction framework

    Visual panels and application solutions support quick assembly without coding.

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    Multi-device support and dynamic display panel

    WISE-IoTSuite/Dashboard supports 4/8k large-resolution adaptive displays, for high-resolution large-screen situation rooms, PCs, and mobile devices.

    Enables diverse data inputs from different sensor measuring points,simultaneously supports the dynamic generation of one or a group of display panels.

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    Plug-in open architecture and development ecology

    Supporting more than 40 data sources and 70 display plug-ins, available for download or upload.

    Internal and external partners can jointly develop plug-ins. Customers can work together to create a plug-in ecosystem.

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    Integrated WISE-IoTSuite/SaaS Composer

    WISE-IoTSuite/Dashboard can be embedded on pages built by SaaS Composer for data analysis, multi-dimensional viewing, instant presentation, and real-field model applications.

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    Multi-language internationalization support

    Dashboard supports multi-language, which is convenient for users to establish internationally promoted applications. (Included in the Professional version)

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    Support report export

    pages can be exported to PDF, Excel files, scheduling and instant tasks are supported, and emails are automatically sent.


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