iWard Solutions in General Wards

iWard in General Wards

Transforming Nursing Workflows for a Safer and Patient-Centered Future with iWard Solutions

iWard solutions are dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of nursing work, prioritizing safety, and providing an improved patient experience. The focus of iWard extends beyond the present by helping hospitals develop intelligent, future-proof digital transformations to overcome the challenges of the coming decade. By leveraging innovative technologies and tailored strategies, iWard aims to optimize nursing workflows, streamline processes, and foster a safer, more patient-centered healthcare environment.

iWard solutions don’t just address current needs but also anticipate and prepare healthcare organizations for the evolving demands and opportunities of the future.


iWard Solutions for General Wards

iWard Solutions for General Wards


  • Streamlines the workload

    Streamlines the workload

  • Optimizes the quality of patient care

    Optimizes the quality of patient care

  • Enhances patient service

    Enhances patient service

  • Increases the trust between the hospital and the patient

    Increases the trust between the hospital and the patient

iWard Nursing Care

iWard Nursing Care

Advantech's iWard Nursing Care offers an intuitive user interface and a seamlessly integrated ward and patient portal. This enables nursing professionals to easily access the information they need and remain focused on providing attentive care to patients while monitoring their conditions.

iWard Nursing Care Functions

  • iWard Nursing Control Station

    The iWard Nursing Control Station allows users to easily manage the ward and gives them the flexibility to create their own features and design. Our system can also integrate with HIS or vital-sign devices to provide seamless and real-time information, like Patient Info., Medications, Treatment Plans, Vital Signs, Allergies, Notifications, Ward Checks, and more. With the iWard Nursing Control Station, healthcare staff can efficiently monitor and track patients' health status, streamline workflows, and enhance overall patient care and safety.

    • iWard Nursing Dashboard

      Nursing dashboards are designed as the central information hub in a nursing station, often equipped with large touchscreens. They provide nurses with easy access to all the necessary information to carry out an efficient job. Our solution now offers support for multi-screen setups, allowing users to view different information simultaneously, without the need for touch interaction. This feature enables nurses to quickly gather essential data and streamline their workflows effectively.

      • iWard Mobile

        iWard Mobile is a cutting-edge app designed for seamless compatibility with all devices, including cellphones, tablets, and Smart TVs. With iWard Mobile, healthcare professionals can ensure the last mile of patient safety, providing efficient and secure communication, quick access to critical information, and enhanced patient care at their fingertips. This future-proof solution revolutionizes the way healthcare is delivered, enhancing convenience, communication, and the overall patient experience.

        iWard Patient Service

        iWard Patient Service

        The iWard.Patient Service system serves as a vital bridge connecting patients and hospitals. It grants patients the right to access their medical insights and submit specific requests to nursing professionals, facilitating faster, seamless services. Nursing professionals can securely access EHR, LIS, and PACS through our system, ensuring efficient patient information management. Additionally, our platform provides a wide range of services to enhance the overall patient experience.

        iWard Patient Service Functions

        • iWard Bedside Information Terminals

          Bedside information terminals are strategically placed next to patient beds, offering a convenient device for accessing crucial patient information, treatment plans, and medication administration details. Terminals can also serve as a communication channel, allowing patients to send nursing assistance requests, facilitating seamless interaction between patients and staff. It enhances patient satisfaction and streamlines workflows for healthcare professionals.

          • iWard Patient Information Terminals

            Patient information terminals serve as personal devices for patients to access their own data and a wide range of services. These terminals are built on an open platform, allowing seamless integration with third-party services. Patients can enjoy various features such as access to TV, streaming services, meal orders, patient education, and personal medical information offered by hospitals.

            • iWard Mobile

              iWard Mobile is a state-of-the-art app that seamlessly supports multiple devices such as cellphones, tablets, and Smart TVs. It empowers patients with quick access to vital information, a wide range of services, and enhanced patient care right at their fingertips. This future-proof solution revolutionizes healthcare delivery by prioritizing convenience, communication, and the overall patient experience. With iWard Mobile, healthcare is transformed, enabling patients to stay informed, engaged, and connected throughout their healthcare journey.

              • iWard Bedside - ePaper Bedside Display

                Advantech's ePaper bedside display offers a hassle-free installation process and seamless integration with hospital information systems. These displays provide real-time information, eliminating the need for paper-based materials and reducing waste. Advantech offers a variety of types, including BLE, Sub-Ghz, and Wi-Fi, allowing users to choose the connectivity option that best suits their needs. With the ePaper bedside display, hospitals can improve information accessibility, and contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly healthcare environment.

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