RTM (Real Time Monitoring)


Advantech iFactory's Real-Time Monitoring and management application (RTM) utilizes Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technology to comprehensively monitor production equipment, process control, and energy consumption in industrial plants. The real-time monitoring RTM application provides a low-code quick setup management of IoT monitoring for smart manufacturing and transformation to Industry 4.0. Customers can quickly establish equipment management parameters for different levels of management. Users can create their own custom functions through a simple and clear UI.


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    Provides a group management and data collection capability for gateways and machines

    Support various data connection specifications such as MQTT / OPC UA / HTTP / Modbus

    Open data connection modes such as GraphQL / RESTful API

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    Low-code for quick setup and dashboard functionality to display machine status in real time

    Easy configuration and real-time monitoring through a simple dashboard

    Support data processing and improve data accuracy

    Quickly connect with Advantech iFactory related applications through MQTT, and connect data

    Support event and alarm settings


  • Application Diagram

    User scenario for smart machine builder.

  • Real-Time Monitoring

    Real-time monitoring in dashboard through data acquisition.

  • Configuration Portal

    Real-time application backend for easy setup.

  • Mobile Service

    Support application dashboard in mobile I.App.

  • Low-code Application

    Easy setup and low-code mode for operation.

  • Multilingual Support

    Supporting data presentation in multiple languages.

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New Features: Dashboard visualization EHS Consumption CurrentValue: "Year" option added to DayOrMonth selection Availability Status DurationList Default role set to "Engineer" Optimized GraphQL federation reload mechanism. When a service that is intended to be aggregated reports too many errors and is not a basic service, it will be temporarily removed from the aggregation list. System information view (CPU, memory, disk) When modifying user permissions, it will be synchronized with the Dashboard
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English (US), 繁體中文, 简体中文

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