Prognostics and Health Management is a cutting-edge solution for intelligent factories. This advanced system excels in predictive maintenance, employing real-time data analysis to detect potential risks and predict equipment health. By anticipating potential machine issues, PHM enables users to implement proactive maintenance measures before problems escalate. The result is swift identification of machine health status and timely alerts, effectively preventing unexpected downtimes. With a keen focus on predictive capabilities, PHM optimizes labor and spare parts management, reducing repair times and boosting operational resilience.


  • 01

    AI-powered health status forecasting

    Pre-training using vibration and temperature data.

    Retrain IoT device directly on the machine.

    Obtain inference results specific to the machine

    PHM AI model references machine health pattern as a golden sample for evaluating the machine's operating status.

  • 02

    Early failure risk detection for advanced machine handling

    Real-time identification of unexpected failure risks.

    Prediction of machine health scores for early-stage failure detection over 7 days.

    Visualization of analytical results through a dashboard.

  • 03

    Cloud and On-prime services available

    Light-weight AI inference task embedded in calculation server.

    Uses SaaS to eliminate environment maintenance efforts to ensure the solution stays up-to-date.

  • 04

    Apply AI results for value-added benefits

    Easily integrate AI results with existing services using open API.

    Extensive applications available on WISE-IoT

  • 05

    Adapted for different types of rotating machines

    Designed for motor-driven rotating machines which are ISO 10816 applicable

    No need for model customization.

    Wireless sensor monitoring for fan, pump, cooling tower, compressor, and other factory facilities.

    Precision sensor monitoring for critical machine monitoring - Available in 2024/Q1.

  • 06

    Agile application

    Install the sensor and initiate inference tasks through a simple process.

    Collect only data from healthy machines, excluding any related to machine failures.

    Retrieve inference data after accumulating 200 data points.


  • Empowered by edge-cutting technologies

    Solution is a comprehensive data-driven management system that employs AI modeling technology, bundled IoT solutions, and domain knowledge to tackle business challenges.

  • Realizing PHM on-site

    Deploying on-site sensors enables proactive remote machine maintenance ahead of time.

  • Machine status overview

    Integrate all monitored machines into a centralized control system, displaying PHM results on a single page to deliver real-time information to maintenance stakeholders.

  • Machine monitoring

    Monitor the machine's historical, real-time, and predicted future health status through the PHM AI model.

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(1) Machine on/off detection (2) ISO 10816 standard setting for each machine (3) RTM Machine data integrates with AI inference result (4) Support notification, and maintenance task setting based on inference result (5) Dashboard improvement – overview of the machine's future health score and visualize key affecting factors
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