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Digital transformation of the footwear industry

Unlike the high-tech industry where there are enough professional IT personnel, the transformation of traditional industries needs to focus on ease of use.

The shoe and textile industry are traditional industries and data collection still relies on people to manually copy and input. The quality of this production data is not accurate or reliable enough for today’s manufacturing. Footwear and textile companies should analyze the needs of smart manufacturing first, then build their infrastructure, such as monitoring equipment status and finally introduce applications in the field.

Challenges of Footwear Industry Management

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    Labor issues

    • Technical knowledge gaps
    • Labor intensive processes
    • Various equipment types
  • 02

    Difficulties in production

    • Small amounts of diversified production
    • Schedule hard to integrate
  • 03

    High failure rates

    • Difficulties of temperature and humidity control
    • Large chemical variables
    • Hard to control quality because machines are controlled manually
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    High technical control levels

    • Processing quality is highly dependent on expert operators
    • The knowledge gap of senior talents inherited
    • Higher cost and lower profits
  • 05

    Barriers to machine management

    • High failure rates that are hard to detect
    • Low transparent equipment information
    • Difficulty of cross equipment information

iFactory @ Footwear Industry

iFactory solution suite for the footwear industry section provides customers with easy-to use tools to become more sustainable and profitable throughout the entire engineering process. Maximize the performance of your assets, production, and supply chains with iFactory solution suite.


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    Factory transforming is not easy to achieve in one step, most manufacturers stop at high cost and time consuming issues. So we provide a total solution from edge to cloud, it delivers a long term solution to our users to transform their factory step by step without high cost and time wastage.

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    Flexibility & Agility

    We divided various functions into different I.Apps, which provide multi-choice applications with small scale introduction. This eases factory transformation and shows results quickly.

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    We co-create with many partners to generate different I.Apps in an individually focused domain, it leads our I.Apps to be more dedicated and professional, and of course more closer to the needs or the customer.

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    To address different requirements, we can also combine different fields or domain I.Apps into a customized application to meet diverse needs.

I.App of the Solution Suite

  • OVEN - Temperature Management

    OVEN - Temperature Management

    Oven temperature control is a key technique for quality control. In order to improve the total efficiency, reliable information and accurate data collection and analysis is very important in the shoe making process. OVEN I.App provides accurate inside mold temperature information, which delivers much more effective information for managers to make decisions more quickly and effectively.

  • Mold Temperature Monitoring

    Mold Temperature Monitoring

    Inside-Mold temperatures are one of the most difficult to read in the foaming process, and it significantly affects quality and defect rates. Traditionally, the manufacturers usually measure the surface temperature of molds to determine the inside-mold temperature; as a result, defective rates are always high in the foaming process. MTM I.App provides the accurate inside-mold temperature readings.

  • Chemical Process Management

    Chemical Process Management

    Chemical processes are the most difficult issues in the whole production process because they make quality control and production results hard to maintain. Chemical I.APP provides transparent and systematic information from equipment for recording, tracking, analyzing all recipes and variables in every single work order. It also provides real-time production process monitoring.

  • Shop Floor

    Shop Floor

    Shop Floor control is a set of I.App applications used to track, schedule, and report the work progress of a manufacturing plant. Tracking the percentage of work progress, and milestones provides supervisors with better judgement on production efficiency, workshop resource planning, and inventory assessment, which can also improve efficiency, sustainability, and identify production problems.


System Architectures of Footwear industry management

System Architectures of PCB industry management
DFSI (Domain Focus SIs)

Co-Creation with DFSI

Industrial IoT (IIoT) involves integrating big data, cloud, and AI applications. To embrace this trend, Advantech is collaborating with domain-focused system integrators (DFSIs) to develop industrial apps (I.Apps).

  • HITI Industrial Automation

    HITI Industrial Automation

    HITI uphold the spirit of integrity service, open up more diversified business tentacles, is committed to higher quality, professional technology, to help customers improve productivity, competitiveness and added value of the full range of integrated services. 

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