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DeviceOn/iEdge is an industrial app that enables effective equipment management for optimized productivity. It provides equipment connectivity with standard industrial protocol support (Modbus, OPC-UA, ODBC…etc.), an easy and user-friendly interface for equipment status monitoring and management, a reaction rule engine, and abnormality notification functions for real-time equipment reaction and preventative maintenance.


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    Easy cross-platform integration, multiple-equipment protocol integration, and SDK support


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    Equipment status monitoring and management to optimize operational efficiency


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    Auto-alerts, history data tracking, and reaction rule engine for preventative equipment maintenance


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    Supports Azure, AWS, and K8s Microservice structure for quick cloud integration



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Product Update

iEdge Server V1.0.2 iEdge V1.1.1
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English (US), 한국어
System Requirements
Client Side Browser: 1.Web browser that supports HTML5+CSS3+Javascript, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome 9.0+, Firefox 15.0+, Safari 5.1+.Cookies must be enabled. Accept Cookies per session must be enabled (Accept all Cookies or only accept Cookies from this server). 2.Browser must support HTTPS (SSL) 3.Server (Standalone Installation): EIS-S230 (Data Service Server) functions are fully qualified by Advantech and offer the best solution for compatibility and stability. Support for K8s (Linux) and a standalone installation (Windows) environment meets different development demands.

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