Introducing the seamless integration of EHS excellence with Advantech iFactory—a cutting-edge industrial solution designed to revolutionize Environmental, Health, and Safety practices. Our innovative product combines state-of-the-art digital technologies with robust EHS protocols, creating a comprehensive system that prioritizes workplace safety, environmental sustainability, and employee well-being.


  • 01

    Enable IoT Monitoring

    Real-time monitoring Comprehensive data Reduce the level of incidents

  • 02

    Enhance Corporate Resilience

    Equipment optimization Replace energy intensive fuel Response to energy crises

  • 03

    Improve Sustainability

    Expedite GHG inventory progress Regulatory compliance KPI performance review

  • 04

    Facilitate Data-driven Intelligence

    Visualized BI tools Low-code platform Data-based strategy


  • Alarm Statistics

    All events under monitoring will be recorded

  • Area Carbon Emissions

    Real-time carbon emission statistics

  • Insight Report

    Daily, Weekly, Monthly report for AI to filter the specific information

  • Enviroment Monitoring

    Displays the temperature, humidity and CO2 emissions of each area

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