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Virtual Outpatient Clinic

Advantech’s iTeleMed solutions are designed to facilitate the provision of remote care and virtual outpatient service by establishing a unified platform for accessing exam results and medical records, scheduling appointments, and managing treatment services.

iTeleMed solution offerings include a variety of solution suites aimed at diverse applications and the iTeleMed P2P software portal. This software portal bridges the gaps in current healthcare services by enabling medical professionals to provide care to remote patients through virtual interaction. Meanwhile, each iTeleMed solutions suite offers the advantages of a lightweight web-based design, HIPAA compliance, and intuitive operation to ensure easy deployment.

Combined with existing infrastructure, Advantech’s iTeleMed solutions enable healthcare institutions to deliver intelligent patient-centered care.

Challenges to Virtual Clinic Services

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    The lack of a shared platform for different institutions

    The lack of a unified information system for different institutions hinders the sharing of appointment schedules, patient data, and medical records.

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    No integration with clinical workflows.

    Without an integrated virtual care platform, data must be input into each information system (such as HIS and EMR systems) individually. This is both time-consuming and redundant.


Cross-Institution Virtual Cooperation with iTeleMed

Solution Advantages

  • Reduce Patient Travel Times

    Reduce Patient Travel Times

  • Expand Access to Community Healthcare

    Expand Access to Community Healthcare

  • Achieve Seamless Patient-Centered Care

    Achieve Seamless Patient-Centered Care

  • Enable Responsive Remote Care

    Enable Responsive Remote Care


HIPAA and GDPR Compliance

All of Advantech’s iTeleMed solutions are HIPAA compliance in the U.S. and GDPR compliance in Europe.


Integrated software portal for remote virtual clinic

iTeleMed/ Virtual Clinic (iTeleMed On-Premise Software)

iTeleMed is an integrated web-based software portal that provides easy access to examination results, medical records, appointment scheduling, and healthcare management. The default iTeleMed software product offering is a 2-year subscription for on-premise deployment and 10 x user accounts.

Specialty Consults equipment

  • AMiS-30EP Slim Telehealth Workstation
    INDUSTRY FOCUS AMiS-30EP Slim Telehealth Workstation

    AMiS-30EP comprises 1 x all-in-one computer, 1 x 21.5” display, 1 x height-adjustable basket, and 1 x Logitech C270 webcam mounted on a pole cart. (Note: Battery not included.)

  • AMiS-72 Powered Telehealth Workstation
    INDUSTRY FOCUS AMiS-72 Powered Telehealth Workstation

    AMiS-72 comprises 1 x all-in-one computer, 1 x 21.5” display, 1 x Full HD PTZ camera, 1 x speakerphone, 1 x 1U drawer, and a long-duration battery mounted on a mobile cart with motorized height adjustment.

  • AMiS-22 Telehealth Suitcase Basic
    INDUSTRY FOCUS AMiS-22 Telehealth Suitcase Basic

    AMiS-22 is a portable solution that comprises 1 x with pre-installed 10.1” tablet with built-in camera, 1 x speakerphone, and 1 x 3-port USB 2.0 hub stored inside a suitcase. The suitcase conforms to carry-on luggage size restrictions and has space for additional medical devices.


iTeleMed Architecture

iTeleMed Architecture

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