Electrical Machinery Industry

Electrical Machinery

The Potential of Industry 4.0 in Motor Manufacturing

A variety of technologies go into making a factory Industry 4.0 compliant with optimizing manufacturing processes at the core of digital transformation. Electric motors are an important component of almost every product during manufacturing, so controlling equipment through the cloud means that processes can be monitored at all times and any potential failures can be detected in advance.

When Industry 4.0 technologies are used in combination with other equipment and sensors, they become a key factor in identifying patterns related to equipment productivity, efficiency, maintenance, and of course failure. A few of these benefits are listed below.

Keeps motors running at maximum efficiency.

  • Maintenance is performed when required.
  • Avoids costly repairs when equipment is down.
  • Reduced operating costs.

Challenges in the Electrical Machinery Industry

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    Workforce Reshaping

    Due to market competition, organizations should quickly respond to customer needs by shortening lead times and reducing operating costs. These goals can be achieved by improving the capabilities of the workforce. The training of employees and their expectations have changed drastically over the years and it is becoming more and more difficult to hire suitable employees, people with the right technical experience.

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    Safety in the Environment

    Electrical accidents are usually caused by unsafe equipment, unsafe environments, or unsafe work habits. Accidents can be prevented by performing maintenance in a timely manner. As with anything involving electricity, there are inherent dangers including fire, personal injury, and electric shock.

  • 03

    Progressive Change in Technology

    The electrical machinery industry requires smarter equipment to deal with all these problems. The market is seeking to reduce energy consumption, and improve control and automation, allowing pre-programmed functions for many micro-decisions that affect machinery and provide key control elements for industrial equipment. When an operator presses a button, the equipment will adapt and effectively respond based on smart control and monitoring sensors.

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    Human Errors are Costly

    The complexity of assembled electromechanical products is high and many factories still use manual processes to a large extent. They face many challenges in the assembly process, with low flexibility and high risk of errors. The electrical machinery industry needs to ensure that products after shipment have the greatest operational reliability, shorten downtimes, and continue to improve the safety and standard of operations.


iFactory @ Electrical Machinery

iFactory Solution suite @ Electrical Machinery Indsustry demonstrates the value that digital acceleration can do to the industry. iFactory Technology seamlessly provides the data and insights companies need to enhance digital industry


  • 01

    Manufacturing process optimization

  • 02

    Seamless IoT monitoring and tracing

  • 03

    Improved product design and reliability

  • 04

    Better safety and environmental protection

I.App of the Solution Suite

  • Prognostics and Health Management

    Prognostics and Health Management

    With PHM AI solution to pre-diagnose anomalies for rotating machines to achieve near-zero machine downtime and increase factory productivity.

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

    Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

    Visualized monitoring of OEE indicators and KPIs of the whole plant through data acquisition, aggregation, and machine utilization analysis. Smart factory production efficiency management can be easily realized to increase productivity, review and analysis of major losses, improve equipment utilization, and effectively increase production capacity.

    • Andon


      Andon system is an alarm system which can improve the response time of supervisors or technician by triggerring signal when issues are occurred in the manufacturing process.

      • Shop Floor

        Shop Floor

        Shop Floor is a manufacturing management system for real-time production tracking, scheduling and status reporting of work orders or operations, which improves progress control for supervisors.


        System Architectures of Electrical Machinery Industry

        System Architectures of Electrical Machinery Industry
        DFSI (Domain Focus SIs)

        Co-Creation with DFSI

        Industrial IoT (IIoT) involves integrating big data, cloud, and AI applications. To embrace this trend, Advantech is collaborating with domain-focused system integrators (DFSIs) to develop industrial apps (I.Apps).

        • Information Technology Total Services

          Information Technology Total Services

          ITTS provides end-to-end smart factory solutions from equipment and machine connection (OT layer), company or factory management (IT layer) to the war room / business predicting (DT layer). At the OT layer, combining Advantech's expertise in automatically connecting hardware equipment and sensors.  

          Service Regions

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