Shop Floor is a set of manufacturing management systems and tools for production tracking, scheduling, and status reporting. Data about work progress and production time is collected and reported by the Shop Floor system to increase productivity and shorten cycle times. In addition to providing workforce information to supervisors, real-time Shop Floor control is also useful for operators themselves. It provides operators with access to their own workflow, enabling them to set, reach, and exceed their own goals. With an incentive mechanism, operators can be further encouraged and motivated to achieve these goals, thereby improving performance and overall plant productivity.


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    Efficient Work Order Management

    After the production plan and the material supply is arranged, the Shop Floor system can provide information on the production order schedule, thus, the operators can prepare for production in advance.

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    Transparent Work Order Status

    Status for Manufacturing Order and Work Order can be controlled through Shop Floor Dashboard.

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    Accelerate Production Management and Analysis

    The user portal of Shop Floor and the Dashboard enable users and managers file and store production information conveniently.At the same time, these production and job report data such as production output, efficiency, production loss, inventory can be used for analyzing and predicting, which can speed up decision making for the managers.


  • ShopFloor Management System - WO/WIP Status

    Work Order Status Dashboard shows real-time progress of production. Except for tracking status of wo

  • Real Time Producing Speed

    Monitor production performance statistics and efficiency in real time. Identify production inefficie

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