Advantech HVAC Energy Efficiency Management combines digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and digital twins with professional knowledge and experience, and provides energy efficiency management through lean control, from equipment management - anomaly detection - energy efficiency diagnosis and analysis - strategy optimization, and establishing a closed-loop management link. The system comprehensively collects the operating parameters, energy consumption, weather and other data of each HVAC equipment, and gives the corresponding optimization strategy through multi-dimensional analysis and diagnosis of the factors affecting the operation efficiency of the equipment and the system, so as to achieve energy saving effects.


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    Equipment management

    Instantly obtain the operating parameters, energy consumption, terminal temperature and humidity, weather and other data of each equipment of the HVAC system, and grasp the operation information from the system layer and equipment layer and parameter layer, monitor the operating status in real time, and visually view the energy station information through the 2D/3D configuration diagram.

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    Abnormal detection

    Custom alarm/early warning rules, can be set according to high and low threshold settings, equipment failure codes, numerical comparison, based script determination and other ways to carry out abnormal detection, and can be integrated with notification services, work order services, through dashboards, email, enterprise WeChat and other ways to carry out abnormal alarm push.

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    Energy efficiency diagnosis and analysis

    Comprehensively analyze and process the data, take into account safety and energy efficiency, use regular algorithms and intelligent AI algorithm models, diagnose and analyze the energy efficiency of systems and equipment in real time, and comprehensively guard the safe, stable and efficient operation of the system.

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    Strategy optimization

    Considering multi-dimensional factors such as weather changes and load forecasting, the benchmarking analysis of energy efficiency KPIs is used to evaluate the energy efficiency performance of equipment and systems, and based on evaluation results, AI algorithms and expert diagnosis


  • Energy Station Overview

    Monitoring of system operating status and key indicators

  • Energy Efficiency Overview

    Energy efficiency trends and statistics on electricity charges and energy consumption

  • Economic Operation Evaluation

    Established a set of analysis model to analyze the factors of the key energy efficiency ratio

  • Equipment energy efficiency analysis

    Analyze the relevant factors affecting the energy efficiency of different equipment types

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