iEMS/Bulletin is an add-on module of ECOWatch for public audiences to understand energy concepts and corporate performance quickly.


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    For employees or visitors

    Clear and easy to understand - Quickly grasp key indicators of the group and site Deepening cognition – Gradually spread the Group's ESG goals and concepts Scenario-based discussions – Employees or visitors present their understanding of the Group’s energy case based on the changes in the results Brand image – Enhance the brand's image in the market.

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    For managers

    Multi-sites – Show the current conditions of all sites through a simple setting Flexibility – The site manager or ESG team can decide the area of data disclosure Standardization – Announce and communicate the implementation goals and communication management policy in line with mainstream declaration indicators Brand image – Establish and confirm the execution ability declared by the Group and related feedback


  • Corporate Energy Saving

    Communicate Environmental Responsibility – Information on the Group’s Energy-saving and Carbon-reduction Achievement

  • Field EnPI

    Implanting Energy Management Concepts – Managing Energy Targets and Hotspots of the Sites

  • Field Real time Usage

    Implanting Energy Management Concepts – Instantly Confirming Site Energy-Saving Rate and Daily Demand Status

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