Our solution is designed to meet the ISO 14064-1 and ISO 14067 standard, can be applied to a variety of industrial scenarios. To implement, users will follow the process and complete the collection of carbon emissions information including GHG Scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon footprinting. Enterprise can use CarbonR to review carbon emissions and product carbon footprint with digital carbon inventory system and energy efficiency improving strategies in compliance with ISO 14064/ISO 14067.


  • 01

    Fasten the Carbon Inventory Building

    Establishing a carbon digitization management process, implement carbon emission data collection and management with coefficient database and provide comprehensive carbon inventory.

  • 02

    Standardize the Carbon Management Processes

    Carbon emissions are accurately estimated in accordance with ISO/domestic standards. The boundaries, parameters, and calculation processes are standardized to facilitate the management of carbon emissions.

  • 03

    Assist companies in ESG/Net-Zero/Carbon Neutrality

    Analyzing the trend of energy usage, assisting enterprises in establishing targets and monitoring emission reduction pathways, dedicate to achieve ESG, Net Zero, & Carbon Neutral.


  • All Field Analysis Dashboard

    This overall carbon dashboard empowers businesses to pinpoint major emission sources, assess the overall footprint, and track trends over the last five years. The domain-specific ranking and geographic emission map offer intuitive insights for targeted reduction strategies.

  • Single Field Analysis Dashboard

    This dashboard reveals carbon emissions in a specific field, providing insights into emission sources, overall footprint, emission trends over five years, category breakdown, and category proportions. The top five emission sources guide targeted reduction strategies for the area.

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