InsightAPM/ Patrol Inspection


Advantech’s WISE-InsightAPM/Patrol Inspection is a task dispatching and tracking system based on the AIoT cloud architecture. It is used for equipment operation and maintenance, property management, and various other applications in smart factories and buildings. This system designs various operations, according to a preset plan and enables a clear collaborative processes. By creating custom forms, statuses, and transitions, it flexibly guides larger processes. WISE-InsightAPM/Patrol Inspection features a process-oriented open-design which can complete the exchange of information and provide data summaries.


  • 01

    adaptable design enables process customization and is suitable for diverse scenarios

  • 02

    The mobile App facilitates the reporting of work orders

  • 03

    Automatically distribute work-order tasks according to preset formats

    Using maintenance and inspection planning, users can automatically distribute work-order tasks according to preset formats

  • 04

    Provides process displays, status tracking, prompt task progress tracking, and details

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    data collection, personnel performance analysis, process optimization, improved personnel efficiency

  • 06

    Task auditin


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