WISE-EnSaaS is a new generation of industrial IoT cloud platform based on Kubernetes. It can be deployed flexibly across clouds and domains.Powering data connectivity from the edge to the cloud. It provides full life cycle management of enterprise-level containerized applications, and provides users with cloud resources that are elastically scalable, highly available, and support multi-tenant mechanisms to meet the needs of ecosystem partners for AIoT cloud service development and operation based on microservice architecture.


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    Advanced cloud-native architecture

    An elastically scalable containerized application platform, based on K8s, provides a consistent infrastructure and an out-of-the-box microservice management framework.

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    Flexible deployment options

    It can be deployed on public cloud, enterprise private cloud, private cloud and intelligent edge all-in-one machine, and can be deployed flexibly across clouds and domains.

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    Open Architecture

    The open system based on cloud native technology supports many edge devices and data acquisition protocols, and can be applied to various operating systems and hardware environments.

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    Massive cluster and application management

    Efficiently manage massive clusters, powerful application management capabilities, simplify development, operation and maintenance and application deployment procedures, and use resources more efficiently.

  • 05

    Trusted Cloud Certification

    A secure and stable enterprise container cloud platform, the security and reliability have been certified by the cloud computing service authority - Trusted Cloud.


  • EnSaaS Management Portal

    WISE-EnSaaS management operation background

  • Work space

    WISE-EnSaaS workspace overview

  • Application management

    WISE-EnSaaS unified application management and development

  • Application Monitoring

    WISE-EnSaaS Application monitoring

  • Cluster management

    WISE-EnSaaS Multi-cluster management

  • Database management

    WISE-EnSaaS Multivariate database management

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