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WISE-IoTSuite/Pivot (Business Intelligence Data Platform) provides a cloud-edge-end integrated delivery engine for enterprise digital transformation. It covers core application scenarios in various IoT vertical domains such as smart factories, power and energy, smart water management, smart retail, and smart healthcare. WISE-IoTSuite/Pivot offers services such as device data access and management, application and system remote operation, big data integration and analysis, low-code data reporting, digital twin visualization, and business intelligence. It helps users quickly develop device connectivity and application services. WISE-IoTSuite/Pivot is a complete end-to-end IoT platform, and users can immediately benefit from its mature solutions, making IoT application development easier.


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    Advanced cloud-native architecture, microservices management framework, and flexible deployment solutions. It provides an enterprise-grade container cloud platform based on Kubernetes (K8s) that supports large clusters and application management.

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    Cloud-edge collaboration

    Data collaboration involves synchronizing data between the cloud and edge devices, allowing data to be viewed centrally in the cloud or at the edge. Service collaboration enables device and data management, configuration, analysis, and computation both in the cloud and at the edge.

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    Zero/Low code data visualization

    It refers to 2D dashboard tools that allow easy device connectivity and application development without the need for programming. These tools enable users to visualize key data and provide real-time virtual simulation environments for data analysis.

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    Heterogeneous data integration

    It effectively integrates various types of data, including structured data (such as SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, etc.) and semi-structured data (XML, CSV, API, etc.) for various data applications.


  • Empowering Central-Satellite Collaboration and Integration

    Leveraging cloud-native technology to empower centralized/satellite collaboration, simplifying management processes.

  • Business Intelligence Architecture​

    Seamlessly integrate IoT devices and diverse application system data.

  • Data Enabling

    Our solution caters to various industry use cases, featuring low-code development and user-friendly operations for faster delivery of outcomes.

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