Starter Package - Quick Response

Quick Response

Optimizing Automation Equipment for Maximum Productivity with OEE and Andon Solutions

Modern manufacturing relies on large amounts of automated equipment to enhance production. To achieve optimal productivity of equipment, OEE plays a vital role. WISE-iFactory’s Quick Response system places significant emphasis on assessing the performance of automation equipment. By collecting and analyzing equipment data, it enables a comprehensive evaluation of OEE, with Andon providing support to quickly resolve anomalies and return to normal production.

Advantages of Adopting the Starter Packages

  • Real-Time Notifications

    Real-Time Notifications

    • Enable real-time monitoring of equipment status and key production information, ensuring prompt notifications to production staff on their mobile devices addressing any abnormal events.
  • Production Transparency

    Production Transparency

    • Easily monitor current production status through the dashboard, allowing the production line to communicate to managers through data.
  • Bottleneck Identification

    Bottleneck Identification

    • Maintain a clear record of production events for analysis to identify opportunities for improvement and optimization.

Feature Highlights

  • Data Pre-Processing

    Data Pre-Processing

    • Transform raw machine data into meaningful production information to help users identify and address production issues.
  • OEE & Event Visualization

    OEE & Event Visualization

    • Utilize dashboard templates to calculate and visualize factory KPIs, including OEE and MTBF. This enables live insights to be accessible to both line and production management.
  • Andon Reports

    Andon Reports

    • Andon allows customization of event types and setting of notification categories, enabling organized sorting and summarization of any abnormalities encountered during production.

Greatly Improved Productivity in Automotive Parts Manufacturing

In the automotive parts industry, highly automated production lines are prevalent. In this specific case, a well-known automotive parts manufacturer sought assistance from Advantech iFactory to optimize their automated equipment and boost productivity. Our recommendation focused on two key aspects: the diversity of equipment and the lack of a unified standard for determining equipment capabilities. Furthermore, ensuring timely notification of equipment abnormalities emerged as one of the top three priorities that required attention and resolution.


Design for Automation Service Providers and Manufacturers

quicke response target audiences

Quick Response System Diagram

quicke response target audiences

Intelligent Software Suite for the Quick Response Starter Package

Industrial Apps
  • OEE App

    OEE App

    • The OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency management) App monitors equipment status in real time, providing essential information such as production quality and ratios through data acquisition and dashboard presentation.
  • Andon App

    Andon App

    • Andon, an important management tool used in lean manufacturing, automates the process of sending alerts when issues arise. This enables swift response, time savings, improved control, cost reduction, and enhanced data collection for better analysis.

Edge Devices

  • Computing & Protocol GatewayComputing & Protocol Gateways
    Computing & Protocol GatewayComputing & Protocol Gateways

    Advantech offers a multitude of computing platforms to fit different edge computing needs. There is also an add-on protocol suite that collects data from different controller brands while still remaining a programmable edge platform.

    • The ECU-1251 gateway offers a choice of PLC driver or other drivers. It also includes 12 months of OEE I.App service, OEE I.App for 5 connections, data retention for 1-year, and Andon I.App as an option.

    • The UNO-238 edge computing platform includes a data pre-processing tool and a one-time purchase of OEE and Andon I.App services. Each I.App purchase supports 5 connections and data retention on an on-premise device.

  • Edge-Solution-Ready Package
    Edge-Solution-Ready Package

    High-performance, ready-to-run data acquisition, dashboard, and preinstalled software for real-time monitoring and OEE/Andon.

    • Intelligent remote...The MIC-770 edge computing platform includes a data pre-processing tool and one-time purchase of OEE and Andon I.App services. Each I.App purchase is for 5 connections, with data retention on an on-premise device.

  • Edge-Solution-Ready PackageEdge Device with Touch Panel
    Edge-Solution-Ready PackageEdge Device with Touch Panel

    With the built-in touchscreen, abnormalities can be reported without the need for additional management and cost associated with a touch device.

    • The Intelligent All-in-One solution includes a data pre-processing tool and basic report function. It has built-in machine status dashboards for 6 machines. There is an option to purchase AI prediction, statistical analysis tools, as well as OEE & Andon I.Apps.

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