Energy Management Kick-starter Package

Energy Management Kick-starter Package

Smartly Manage Your Energy and Time

  • Start your energy management from here. Based on real-time data obtained from smart meters, the package allows energy-intensive manufacturing owners to monitor energy consumption information, accurately evaluate energy costs, and optimize energy efficiency, aiding business intelligence strategies for energy management.


  • Accelerate ISO 50001 Compliance

    Accelerate ISO 50001 Compliance

    Greatly simplifies compliance with international certification standards. Easily export required reports and effectively evaluate performance achievement rates from calculated results.

  • Vertical Integration and Efficiency

    Vertical Integration and Efficiency

    Comprehensive product solutions from IT to OT. Ensures the time required for product implementation of highly integrated systems is significantly reduced.

  • Intuitive Energy Data Visualization

    Intuitive Energy Data Visualization

    Quickly get started based on Advantech's own long-term experience in factory energy management. UI has a variety of panels that displays all the required information and can easily be customized for exclusive dashboards.

  • Easy Deployment

    Easy Deployment

    Get a professional no-coding backend configured platform. Intuitively input all settings and automatically calculate results and indicators.




Intelligent Software Suite for Energy Management

Modular Suite for Kick-starter Installations: FEMS
  • Facility Management & Sustainability (FMS) I.App

    Facility Management & Sustainability (FMS) I.App

    • FMS allows users to monitor energy consumption information, environment safety, and accurately estimate energy costs.
  • Real-time Monitoring (RTM) I.App

    Real-time Monitoring (RTM) I.App

    • Real-time monitoring from environmental sensors — track energy consumption of whole plants using different categories. RTM permits event notifications — define events and manage alarms to accelerate agile management processes.
  • iMobile Services I.App

    iMobile Services I.App

    • iMobile Services app provides options to access energy status and progress across all mobile devices. Take necessary actions in real time and effectively monitor operations.

Edge Devices and Hardware

  • Computing & Protocol Gateway
    Computing & Protocol Gateway

    Advantech offers a multitude of computing platforms to fit different edge calculation needs. There is also an add-on protocol suite that collects data from different controller brands while still remaining a programable edge platform.

    • Lightweight Cortex A8 ARM-based computer with EdgeLink for PLC protocols, 2*LAN, 2*COM

    • Lightweight Cortex A8 ARM-based computer with EdgeLink for PLC protocols, 2*LAN, 4*COM

    • Lightweight Cortex A8 ARM-based computer with EdgeLink for PLC protocols, 2*LAN, 6*COM

    • High-performance programmable x86 computers with container-based, ready-to-run data acquisition, dashboarding, and real-time monitoring software

  • Wide Range of I/O Options
    Wide Range of I/O Options

    Get access to a wide range of cost effective I/O types to connect sensors. Some I/O options have local intelligence and Fieldbus support that can send processed or unprocessed data straight to the cloud without an additional computer or gateway.

    • Modbus RTU remote I/O

      Intelligent remote I/O, supports Graphic Control Logic (GCL) for simple control logic and Ethernet daisy-chain for easy cabling

    • Ethernet remote I/O, supports Modbus/TCP, SNMP and MQTT

    • Remote I/O

      Modbus RTU remote I/O

  • Programmable Automation Controller (PAC)
    Programmable Automation Controller (PAC)

    To make sure the PoC process runs smoothly for OEM partners, we also offer several commonly-used sensors to provide a one-stop shopping journey.

  • Smart Meter
    Smart Meter

    Power meters are easy to use, cost effective, and have high accuracy measurement, display and communication for energy monitoring. They are compact and offer flexible connection. They are ideal for energy management in facility monitoring and product line management.

    • 96PD-01283

      Din rail mounted multifunction power meter with high accuracy measurement for single phase and three-phase systems.

    • 96PD-01285

      24 circuit input power meter. Has two independent isolated main circuit inputs and supports hybrid power system inputs within one meter.

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