Water Management Solutions

Water Management Solutions

Boost Sustainability and Eco-efficiency

  • - Ready-to-run solutions for optimizing water treatment processes and network operations
  • - Improving environmental resource efficiency and reducing energy waste
  • - Data-drive solutions that provide actionable insights and predictive outcomes

iWater System Architecture

iWater System Architecture

Wastewater Treatment

Advantech’ s wastewater treatment solutions integrate machine-to-machine technology, WWT process knowledge, and IoT cloud platforms to offer operators diverse ready-package solutions that optimize treatment effectiveness, O&M, and energy use.


  • Decentralized Management

    Decentralized Management

    • Field site group management
    • Alarm/Notification setting
  • Maximize Productivity

    Maximize Productivity

    • Optimize treatment process
    • Enhance facility management
  • O&M Indicators

    O&M Indicators

    • Treated water volume
    • Income/operation cost analysis
  • Boost Machine Efficiency

    Boost Machine Efficiency

    • Machine condition monitoring
    • Maintenance management
  • Increase Equipment Availability

    Increase Equipment Availability

    • Reduce humane intervention
    • Inspection completion rate
  • Water Quality Monitoring

    Water Quality Monitoring

    • Discharge water quality standard
    • Stable water quality

Focused Industries

  • Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants

    Designed to meet sewage purification and achieve the goals of automatic warning, energy saving, and equipment longevity.

  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Our solutions aim to achieve the goals of digital transformation and operation optimization for industrial wastewater treatment industry


Water Resource Management

Advantech Water Grid Management solutions monitor critical components in the network, including water, pipelines, pumps and valves, and integrate ISO management systems and IoT cloud service to develop multiple solutions for different application fields.


  • Water Quality Monitoring

    Water Quality Monitoring

    • 24/7 parameter collection
    • Water quality impact assessment
  • Water Balance Management

    Water Balance Management

    • Water flow monitoring
    • Consumption analytics
  • Abnormality Alert

    Abnormality Alert

    • User-defined metrics
    • Notification: push, email, SMS
  • Enhance Risk Assessment

    Enhance Risk Assessment

    • Water quality/level prediction
    • Pre-alerts for emergency
  • O&M Optimization

    O&M Optimization

    • Precise detection of leakage
    • Planning of O&M work orders
  • Improve Maintenance Effectiveness

    Improve Maintenance Effectiveness

    • Facility health indicator
    • Availability and utilization rates

Focused Industries

  • Water Distribution Network

    Detect water delivery, reduce water loss and improve maintenance efficiency

  • Aquaculture

    Solutions with prediction of water quality and early-warning of risks to optimize farming processes

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