Achieve Maximum Performance for All AIoT Devices and Develop an IoT Omniverse

Leveraging Advantech’s 40 years of embedded expertise, DeviceOn weaves through the first and last mile of your IoT omniverse, synchronizing the virtual world with edge reality. , This edge orchestration platform helps you design, build, and manage the embedded systems of tomorrow.

Adaptive to multiple cloud settings, the off-the-shelf edge orchestration platform can remotely manages over 10,000 AIoT devices across x86/RISC, Windows/Linux/Android, and in private or public clouds.


DeviceOn Key Features

  • Remote Power On/Off

    Remote Power On/Off

    Through Wake-on-LAN, AMT, Open AMT, and Advantech BMC chips.

  • Over-the-Air Update

    Over-the-Air Update

    1-to-many update of firmware, software, BIOS configuration, and even OS on single portal.

  • Container Management

    Container Management

    Deploy and monitor AI applications from cloud AI/ML to edge devices in groups.

  • Remote Control

    Remote Control

    Batch operation of remote terminal, on-screen display, KVM, Windows Lockdown, reboot, screen shot and more.

  • Signage Anomaly Detection

    Signage Anomaly Detection

    AI-based detection of pop-up window, freezing screen, and customized scenarios.

  • Diagnostics & Alert

    Diagnostics & Alert

    Customizable rule engine for monitoring various device health conditions, including CPU, HDD, HDMI, and network connections.

  • Whitelisting & Auto-Recovery

    Whitelisting & Auto-Recovery

    Built-in tools for last-mile protection and resilience.

  • Zero-Touch Onboarding, Secured

    Zero-Touch Onboarding, Secured

    Ensure device authenticity by Certificate Authority with TPM.

  • 400+ API/SDKs

    400+ API/SDKs

    Integration with customer’s front-end portal and 3rd-party business operation and visualization services.


Focused Industries

  • Factory Automation

    Chip maker gains 90% operational efficiency from remote control.A semiconductor fab support manager needs a more efficient and convenient way to troubleshoot failed devices.

  • Smart City

    Edge AI projects reduces 50% maintenance costs by OTA updates.A smart city project manager analyzing road traffic suffers when sending engineers to update AI applications on top of traffic poles at midnight every month.

  • Medical Equipment

    Emergency equipment failure down by 80% thanks to monitoring and warning plug-in.An AED equipment manufacturer looks for an automated device status check to prevent equipment failure during emergency.

  • Green Energy

    Smart grid availability boosted by 200% given auto system recovery. An energy storage cabinet installer requests to auto-recover the system when OS crashes.


DeviceOn Tutorial

Take a guided tour of key features on DeviceOn’s Web User Interface now. No need to request a demo!

Tutorial Video


Free Trial

  • For Beginners

    For Beginners

    • There is no complicated server installation. Simply connect your device to our demo site for remote device control and monitoring.
    • Sign up today and unleash the power of the edges with our ground-breaking solution!
  • For Professionals

    For Professionals

    • Experience the full spectrum of DeviceOn by installing DeviceOn Server on premise or on Azure/AWS public cloud.
    • Add as many devices as you can and test out all advanced features such as OTA Update and Container Management for AI application deploying, managing and scaling at the edge.

Perpetual License

License is required for each DeviceOn Server.License fee is determined by the number of devices managed by each DeviceOn Server. 2023-2024 LIMITED OFFER: Lifetime free version upgrade and security patch DeviceOn Server migration and maintenance fee are available upon request.


Professional Service

Advantech provides a wide range of consultation and implementation services upon request.Security design-in/Data analytics/3rd-party plug-in setup/Dashboard customization/OTA update configuration and service/Display content management, e.g. ePaper/Onboarding service/Maintenance agreement/Technical support


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