Under Industry 4.0, factories have to go through the process of digitization and real-time management in order to meet the requirements of different customers. Traditional manufacturing creates unnecessary waste in the production process and leads to inefficiencies in production. OEE Pro monitors the real-time status of equipment through data capture and dashboards to present only the most important information, such as OEE overall equipment efficiency, yield, performance, quality, and carbon emissions and power consumption. The cloud-based platform/local deployment service, ready for OpenAI, enables managers to control field production information and manage performance metrics to optimize productivity anytime, anywhere fully.


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    Boost Productivity

    Automated recording of equipment production enables efficient adjustments to parameters and processes, enhancing Overall Equipment Efficiency.

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    Control Energy Consumption

    Effectively reduces energy consumption by calculating carbon emissions and energy usage for each machine and product.

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    Smart Device Reports

    Calculated values can be queried through natural language using OpenAI.


  • Establishment of equipment asset inventory

    Create asset profile. Including the year of purchase, manufacturer, depreciation, etc., to enhance the practicality of equipment management.

  • Self-defined formula for device metrics

    Customize factory or industry specific formula to make sure the report compliance with managers's expectation

  • Self-defined KPI metrics for your device

    KPIs can be customized based on device type to avoid using the same metrics for different types of devices.

  • Gain insight into device key metrics

    View all production and machine KPIs for your factory and enhance data accessibility with the OpenAI engine

  • Control Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions

    Understand the energy consumption and carbon emissions generated by each machine, and further combine the work order information to calculate the carbon emission energy consumption of each production unit, helping enterprises calculate the energy consumption of the products produced

  • Workshop OEE Dashboard

    This dashboard provides a workshop-oriented perspective on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

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