AIFS/PQA is a quality prediction application in the derivative series of the AIFS platform Perform multiple AI model operation management to simplify the operation and maintenance and update process AIFS/PQA: Quality Prediction of High-Permeability Film Application Case PQA AI model and AIFS system help the customer collect and analyze the Roll-to-Roll program parameters of the film making machine, as well as establish a Predictive Quality Analytics (PQA) model and a quality predictive warning system, which immediately adjust the relevant parameters when there are warnings to improve film rolls’ quality.


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    Online Code IDE: By using the Jupyter Notebook, you can quickly develop many kinds of analytic models based on Python 3. The Jupyter Notebook supports machine learning and deep learning frameworks, such as Scikit-Learn, Pytorch, Keras and TensorFlow.

    Upload Code: If you want to program offline, you can upload your code package and docker image during runtime.

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    Task Management

    Training Tasks: Allows you to easily create a schedule for running training tasks automatically.

    Model Deployment Tasks: Allows you to easily create model deployment schedules and define deployment rules such as the best model and model performance.

    Hyperparameter Tuning: Allows you to find optimal hyperparameters for learning algorithms and for optimizing target variables.

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    Provides many pre-build analytic modules for you to subscribe to and start training tasks.

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    Model Board

    Visualizes each models’ learning outcomes, helping you assess them.

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    Inference Engine

    Edge Inference: Allows you to quickly deploy models to edge devices without having to conduct on-site installation.

    Cloud Inference: Allows to you push the inference engine app via RestfulAPIs to your WISE-PaaS/EnSaaS cluster, workspace, or namespace.

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    Model SDK: Allows you to easily upload your training models to the AIFS model repository.

    Data Source SDK: Allows you to easily input, query, and update training data in the WISE-PaaS platform.

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