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WISE-IoTSuite/ Industrial IoT Platform is newly upgraded to version 2.0. WISE-IoTSuite full-stack Industrial IoT Platform, as a cloud-side integrated device access and management center, provides a full-stack industrial IoT development platform and empowers industry solutions Build quickly. The IoTSuite/ Industrial IoT Platform provides 6 core functional modules to help customers better manage devices and application data, including edge stream data processing service, device access and management center service, low-code data report service, and digital twin visualization service, application and system remote management service, and multi-channel alarm notification service.


  • 01

    Cloud-edge collaboration

    Cloud-edge collaboration is applied to device access and management.

    Service collaboration: Both the cloud and the edge can manage, configure, analyze, calculate and forward device data.

    Application collaboration: Both the cloud and the edge can deploy applications, and manage the application life cycle.

  • 02

    High-performance system

    High data collection performance: Device data collection of 10,000 points/s for a single instance.

    High data storage performance: Writing-in of 100,000/s for a single instance.

    High data forwarding performance: Forwarding of 100,000/s for a single instance.

  • 03

    Open system

    Abundant RESTful APIs provide functions such as device access, device management, user management, data forwarding, alarm notification, etc.

    Provide low code application development tools that allow users to apply data quickly.

    Support IoT data collection, calculation, user-defined operators and forwarding rules, and connect quickly with third-party systems.

  • 04

    Convenient access

    Access to IoT Edge, WebAccess, EdgeLink data .

    Support many common edge devices and data acquisition protocols.

    Support MQTT and Kafka data access.

  • 05

    Low code visualization

    Low code data reporting and digital twin visualization tools.

    3D real-time presentation of key data and virtual simulation field.

  • 06

    Safe and reliable

    Data transmission security: Transmission based on TLS encryption protocol.


  • Device access and management center service

    IoT device access and management

  • Report visualization service

    Low code data visualization report tool

  • Digital twin visualization service

    2D&3D virtual simulation visualization

  • Application and system remote management service

    OTA upgrade, remote monitoring, alarm, etc

  • Multi-channel alarm notification service

    Real time alarm, multi-channel notification

  • Edge stream data processing service

    Access and collect and process data nearby at the edge

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