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WISE-IoTSuite/ SaaS Composer is the new generation cloud based graphical control tool that allow user to interact with machine in real-time. It is a browser based infrastructure, which replaced the traditional IDE limitations and allow cross platform usage. This satisfies variety of industrial domains and business solutions. With 100% customization ability, users can reconstruct the on-site environment and offer a live detailed representation.


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    With the user-friendly interface and 100% customization ability

    Constructed on the HTML 5 Canvas technology. With the user-friendly interface, and 100% customization ability, component and object binding are no long an issue.

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    Virtual canvas display prevents picture distortion

    Virtual canvas display prevents picture distortion and allow user to zoom in/out to observe the detail of the SVG image.

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    Multiple animations can be easily applied to object’s properties.


  • 04

    high-speed refresh rate that can prevent delay in graphical presentation


  • 05

    Support Script processes, allow user to control Objects and data formation with its own algorithms


  • 06

    Varies data file format support

    JPEG, PNG, SVG, OBJ, MTL… etc.


  • Digital Twin

    SaaS Composer

  • 2D visualization

    SaaS Composer

  • 3D simulation

    SaaS Composer

Product Update

Release Date
What's new in this release?
New Features: Add EChart Symbols Issue Fixed: Upgrade HT library Editor v5.0.3 Upgrade HT library Web v7.7.5
Language Supported
English (US), 繁體中文, 简体中文, 日本語

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