WISE-PaaS Industrial IoT Platform

WISE-PaaS Industrial IoT Platform

WISE-PaaS Eases the Realization of Industrial IoT Applications

The WISE-PaaS Industrial IoT platform end-to-cloud architecture provides a comprehensive development environment for data collection, analysis, management, and applications. This cloud-native, low-code data platform improves asset management decision making as well as operational visibility and control for plants, infrastructure, and equipment.

WISE-PaaS enables the implementation of innovative domain-specific IoT applications, helps users upgrade their business, and eventually empowers effortless digital transformation!

WISE-PaaS Benefits

WISE-PaaS industrial IoT platform uses cloud-based, data-driven, and AI-facilitated features to help industrial enterprises address business challenges and seize opportunities.

  • Purpose-built IIoT Platform

    Purpose-built IIoT Platform

    Delivering crucial IIoT capabilities with decoupled services and pre-built toolkits that empower digital transformation and future success.

  • End-to-end Integration

    End-to-end Integration

    Reduce IoT complexity with seamless data and IT/OT fusion from edge devices, enterprise systems, and cloud services.

  • Flexibility and Scalability

    Flexibility and Scalability

    Multiple deployment options empower users to start small and scale system growth quickly with high resource-efficiency.

  • Rapid Time-to-market

    Rapid Time-to-market

    Accelerate IoT solution development and enable new business models with low-code environment and I.App building blocks on WISE-Marketplace.

  • Industrial Domain<br/>Expertise and Ecosystem

    Industrial Domain<br/>Expertise and Ecosystem

    Enable widespread IoT applications with comprehensive resources that leverages over 35-years of industrial experience and strong industry partnerships.


Leveraging WISE-PaaS's complete architecture and comprehensive services, this platform benefits 3 different primary users.

  • System Integrator

    System Integrator

    A business platform to value exchange: easy cloud operation optimizes business and services.

  • Solution Developer

    Solution Developer

    K8s-based platform hastens development by providing flexibility, out-of-the-box functionality, and a developer ecosystem.

  • Enterprise IT

    Enterprise IT

    Reliable and scalable data platform ensures smooth operation: simplify operations with consistent availability and resource efficiency

Key Functions

WISE-PaaS Key Functions

  • IoT Hub and Device Monitoring

    IoT Hub and Device Monitoring

    • Device access and management center
    • Edge stream data processing
    • Data report and digital twin visualization
    • Remote management and alarm notification
  • Enterprise-level Cloud Native PaaS

    Enterprise-level Cloud Native PaaS

    • Application and data management
    • Multi-tenant management and unified access
    • Monitoring and logging
    • Microservice management framework
  • Big Data and BI

    Big Data and BI

    • Data processing (ETL)
    • Centralized data management
    • Heterogeneous data modeling
    • BI (Business Intelligence) visual analytics
  • Digital Twin and APM

    Digital Twin and APM

    • Digital twin model management
    • 'Zero' code configuration operation
    • Rich data analysis components
    • Lightweight and flexible deployment mode
  • AI Industrialization

    AI Industrialization

    • Industrial AI training, deployment and lifecycle management
    • AI industrial applications
    • MLOps (Machine learning + Model Development + Operation)
Feature Services

Feature Services Powered by WISE-PaaS

  • MachineUnite


    • Real-time remote monitoring of machine status, production performance and production line data
    • Get start easily by quickly configuring the machine and go online
    • Standardized templates to quickly replicate multiple cases and support the expansion of visualization solutions
  • Prognostic & Health Management (PHM)

    Prognostic & Health Management (PHM)

    • AI-powered fault diagnosis solution for rotating machinery
    • Comprehensive services from anomaly detection, abnormality predication and classification, and life prediction
    • SW/HW integrated for easy implementation
  • Energy Management System (EMS)

    Energy Management System (EMS)

    • One-stop energy-saving services
    • Streamlined and AI-based analysis/diagnosis
    • Flexible and expandable with open architecture
  • Patrol & Inspection

    Patrol & Inspection

    • Easy progress tracking and quick response
    • Acceleration of multi-tasks parallel execution
    • Manual task assignments and personnel performance overview
  • AI-powered Automated optical inspection (AOI)

    AI-powered Automated optical inspection (AOI)

    • Increase inspection efficiency and product quality
    • Improve AOI'misjudgment rates and reduce operation cost
    • Prevent fatigue and staff changes, also accelerates on-the-job training

Focus Solutions

  • AI Industrialization Platform

    WISE-AIFS provides a one-stop platform for AI industrial users in the IoT ecosystem.


Focus Indurstries

  • MachineUnite for manufacturing

    MachineUnite provides real-time production and operations situations to manufacturers.

WISE-Marketplace Alliance

The WISE-Marketplace alliance enables extraordinary digital transformations across a variety of application scenarios to complete your AIoT value chain. We welcome you to join with us.

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